Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our evolutionary nature

We live in a world that is constantly evolving. Everything that we see at this moment is a result of some evolutionary process. Technology, architecture, agriculture, education, societies, communities, religion, communication, landscapes, land masses, species of plants and animals and even Humans. Everything on Earth, including the Earth herself is evolving. The Universe that our little planet exists in is evolving too. Evolution is our birthright and our destiny.

By observing history, we have seen our species, Homo-sapiens, evolve in just the recent history from other species of human. Whether you believe that “we evolved from apes” or not, our evolutionary journey can be witnessed just in our evolution from prehistoric man. History teaches us that all species begin, mature and die or they evolve. That is the grand cycle of life. Maturation is slow constant evolutionary movement or growth. For humans, this process occurs over thousands of years. An evolutionary leap occurs when there is a radical maturation of a species beyond the point of recognition of the current species. When a species evolves, it becomes a new species and the process begins again. History shows us that we are at that point in our evolutionary cycle.

Maturation and evolution is such a slow moving process that any single observation would miss it yet history shows us its ever-present movement. We are blessed in that we are the first species to have the technology, the capability and the consciousness to recognize the effects of evolution on our own species. That recognition brings us the awareness of the constant evolutionary workings of life. That awareness empowers us with the choice to consciously evolve. Evolution will occur for us as a species regardless of our choice. We can choose to go with our nature or resist and fade into planetary history.

I believe that as individuals our consciousness is also evolving. As that occurs, our collective conscious has reached a point where it must evolve as well. Each of us contributes to that collective consciousness. By evolving our individual conscious, we help to evolve the whole. Evolution requires effort and energy. To evolve ourselves we have to learn how to raise our energy level so that we can expand our awareness and raise our consciousness.

The evolutionary impulse of our species registers in us as sexual excitement. A species typically matures and evolves through successful reproduction. Sexual desire is our species' survival instinct expressing itself. When we judge that instinct as bad or something to fear, we block the energy coming in to our personal energy system via the root chakra. (Info on the chakra system is available on my main website at .) This is energy that feeds our system and because of the dogmatic beliefs of many of those who came before us, many of us believe that anything sexual is bad. That belief or judgment keeps us from connecting with the Earth energy that is there for us. It weakens us and cuts us off from the source of our existence. This energy is after all, the energy which brought us into manifestation in the physical realm.

The important part of this is how we manifest this energy in our lives. If we only bring it up to our sacral chakra and manifest it as an orgasm then we aren’t getting the full benefit of that energy. That same energy, if drawn up through our energy system, can manifest as personal power, love, creativity, spiritual growth and ultimately contact with our higher self. Unfortunately this rarely happens for most people because they haven’t gained an awareness of their energy system and so they don’t know this process is even a possibility.

For many, they choose to believe that we are all separate, disconnected individuals who must compete with each other for everything. They believe that we are the physical body and that we are born, grow up and die and then receive some sort of reward or punishment for our time here. Entire belief systems are created around this limiting, archaic, ego-based concept. They see us as servants to some Divine judge for whom we must behave in certain ways in order to gain approval. They subscribe to a belief system based upon fear as a motivating force. Why would a loving entity that is capable of creating the Universe want us to be afraid of it? In an energy field of love there is no right and wrong, there is simply love. Unconditional love can only be loving and accepting otherwise it is not unconditional and it is not love.

At our deepest level of being, we are all connected. We are all powerful, beautiful, Divine beings who are connected to an energy field which has created all that we know of and more importantly all that we do not yet know of. The time has come for us to evolve ourselves individually and in doing so evolve the collective consciousness of our species. The only limits are those that we choose to believe. It is time that we stopped seeking approval from any external source, recognize what powerful beings we really are and step fully and confidently into our power. We already are that to which we prescribe our highest ideals and beliefs to. We are already Gods. We are one with the creative source which created us just as a leaf is one with the tree that created it. We must recognize our oneness with the source of our existence and allow it to fully manifest through us.

Our small, individualized, egotistical thinking no longer serves us as a species. This stage of human consciousness has reached the end of its viability. We must evolve our thinking, our belief systems and our entire world to be in alignment with this new stage of consciousness. This next stage is one of unity and wholeness. We choose in every moment to be connected to our Source or not. That is the essence of “free will”. If we are connected, all our actions can only be loving because that is the nature of our creative source. If we create our every thought from a place of love, we create a world of love. A world of love unites us all in that love in the same way that it unites any two souls who choose to share their love.

As a species, we have evolved out from nature and see ourselves as existing independent and superior to that from which we evolved. Our egoic nature once told us that we were a lonely race of beings on a planet that was the center of the Universe. As science has evolved, we have learned that our planet is simply a spec of dust in an infinite universe of possibilities. We have learned that that which defines us, limits us by its definition. The time has come for us to reconnect with our source, the source of all life, and to evolve.


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