Sunday, March 29, 2009


Greetings. My name is Michael and I love to write. Writing has been a passion of mine since childhood. I’ve always felt that there was at least one book inside me just waiting for me to let it out. Over the years, I’ve probably started 20 “books”. I’d get about one or two chapters worth of it done, get bored with it and quit. It’s run the gambit from poetry to porn, humor to mysticism, autobiography to fiction yet none of them have really gone very far before I abandon the idea.

In the last 10 years I’ve really begun to feel that I have messages that need to come out. It feels like the messages are supposed to be channeled through me as opposed written by me. It seems the deeper I go into my spirituality, the more pressing these messages become. In the recent past, every attempt at letting them out has met the same fate. I get a couple thousand words done and then I’m off to the next thing and never return to it. In August 2008, I went to a psychic healer and I lamented about this frustrating desire to be writer. In that session the guidance that I was given was to write a blog. It seems like the perfect solution to the whole situation. I can write shorter stories without the pressure to feel I have to make it into a book. That is what has led me to create the blog space that you are now reading.

The messages or stories that I have to bring forth will have a decidedly spiritual feel to them but not a particularly religious feel because I’m very anti-religion. Some of the stories are reflections on my life, experiences from my work and some just general observations on life. I’ve already written several of them and am writing this introduction for the blogspace. I’ll be sharing a side of myself with my friends and family who read this that they might not have seen before or even knew existed. I may lose friends in the process because of this openness but if they can’t handle hearing my truth, then we’re probably not all that good of friends to begin with. I’d prefer they love me for who I really am than for whom they think I am. That being said, I’m not here to blast them or bitch about them but rather just to share the messages from within and that process will reveal a deeper layer of me and of life.

I’m very excited about doing this but also very scared because it will be a deep sharing. My intention is to get this set up and then tell all my friends so that I can put pressure on myself to stay with it. It’s something that I want to do very much because it seems that the messages aren’t going away no matter how long I try to deny or ignore them. When I’m driving, hiking, daydreaming, watching movies, showering or doing anything except writing, the same stories keep bouncing around in my head and I have to get them out. My feeling is that there is a deeper story but all these smaller messages need to be written first to get them out of the way to allow the full story to emerge.

I know that much of what I have already written will be unsettling to many for various reasons. Some of it will be very “out there” spiritually and might challenge your belief system. Some will just be reflections on what is happening in my life and how that relates to our deeper story as humans. But all of it will be uplifting and come from a place of love. If you hit one along the way that rocks your boat, I hope you won’t give up on me. I of course will have no idea who will be reading this but I do know that I will always welcome your constructive comments whoever you are.

Wish me luck and keep me honest. I look forward to our journey together wherever it may lead. I also welcome your comments, including catching typos, grammar errors or unclear thoughts. I am happy to go into more detail on anything I write about to explain how I arrived at the conclusion or as a way to clarify what I meant. Let me hear from you while you hear from me.