Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 at last

At long last, it’s here. 2012 is no longer an ominous year that’s somewhere in our future but rather it is our reality. I have no idea what all is in store for us as a species or as a planetary body but I have no doubt that it will be one of the most transformative years that any of us who are alive will ever see. What that transformation looks like however is where the mystery and excitement is.

The last I heard, there are at least twelve different cultures that have passed down stories and information which point to December of this year as a critical timeframe for us. Most of them indicate that major transformations will occur during this time but none state exactly what that change will look like, understandably. Since these prophecies were written thousands of years ago we can’t ask those who wrote them more questions about what they foresaw so we can only guess and wait it out. Given that there are so many variables going into how the future that we choose to create will look, they could not possibly give us that information anyway.

I’ve shared my thoughts on 2012 previously from an entry that I originally wrote in October of 2007 (which was way before I began this blog). In re-reading it myself, I see that there isn’t anything that I disagree with or think that I was off-base with but now I have more details from the study I’ve been doing on it and so my view has expanded. Unfortunately much of the new information that I’ve come across is information on more problematic situations which will be reaching their peak during this year. Since I know that this is an area I focus on perhaps more than the average person, I’d like to briefly share information on the things which could present problems for us and then follow that with the good things it could bring out in us.

Solar cycle

Our Sun goes through cycles of solar magnetic activity where changes in the amount of irradiation we receive rise and fall. Each of these solar cycles average around 11 years. Scientists know that the current solar cycle will reach its peak this year. During the peaks of these cycles, the amount of solar flares and coronal mass ejections (two video images of this can be seen on that link) grow and become more frequent. Normally thanks to the earth’s magnetic field these eruptions are deflected around the planet and continue on out into the outer part of our solar system. This process is seen on Earth as the Northern Lights. If we experience a direct hit from one of these CME’s it could potentially knock out most or all of our satellites as well as completely disrupt our electrical grids. Imagine our planet being plunged into darkness and all communications disrupted. The blackout wouldn’t hurt us but the panic from our inhabitants fighting for survival would.


Most stars that science has observed travel in sets of two or three. It has always been believed that our star, the Sun, was all alone but this may not be true. Because of all that we hear from scientists, there is the general belief that they know about everything that is anywhere around our planet and especially about anything which may be headed our way. This unfortunately isn’t anywhere close to the truth. Science is actually only aware of an incredibly small portion, 10% or less, of what is around us and potentially headed our way. What they are detecting now however is a major change in our magnetic field. It is being pulled and stretched by a large body of energy and the pull is getting stronger all the time. Some believe that our Sun’s twin, called Nemesis, is moving towards us as part of its highly elliptical gravitation orbit with the Sun.
Logically one might say that if another star were moving towards us, we’d see it and know about it but unfortunately this isn’t the case. Not every star emits the exact same type of light frequencies that our Sun does. We can’t see infrared or ultraviolet light with our eyes but we know it exists because we have created equipment that can detect it. Some stars emit light in the visible spectrum which is outside the range that our eyes and potentially even current technology can detect. Scientists believe this is the case for Nemesis. They can’t find it yet but everything tends to indicate that it is out there somewhere and moving closer. It won’t come crashing through our solar system of course but its gravitational pull on our planet and the Sun could wreak havoc on us.


Most people aren’t really aware of it but one of the largest and potentially most powerfully destructive super volcanoes on the planet sits in the middle of Yellowstone National Park. Unlike other volcanoes that sit above ground with a large mountain to indicate that they are there, the Yellowstone volcano is only barely visible at the surface and only detectable when viewed from the air. The caldera of that volcano is where the center of the park is located and accounts for all of the geothermal activity in the area.
By studying this volcanoes history of eruptions, scientists have determined that typically this super volcano erupts about every 600,000 years. Because of the enormity of these eruptions, it triggers planetary chaos and mass extinction. Research has shown that the last eruption was about 640,000 years ago. Further, scientists have also determined that the land in the center of the caldera is beginning to rise quite noticeably indicating that an eruption is possible at any time quite honestly. Given that we’re 40,000 years overdue, it could happen today or sometime in the next hundred years. There’s just no way of exactly predicting when it will erupt.

That is just one of the volcanic scenarios which could occur. There are countless other super volcanoes around the planet which could easily erupt in our lifetime and could cause mass extinction of plants, animals and even humans. For me to attempt to explain them all and the effect they could have would take me countless hours to document but know that trouble is brewing across the globe when it comes to natural disasters.


Yep, aliens. Our planet is full of physical structures and anomalies which modern science cannot explain and that modern technology could not reproduce. The pyramids of Egypt are pretty familiar examples of these types of structures. Because of their location however they are associated with Egyptian history and written off as man-made tombs for the Pharaohs’ despite the fact that there is absolutely no archeological evidence to support that. Modern science has yet to determine the real purpose of the pyramids but more is being learned about them all the time as new passages are being discovered and uncovered with new technology. Modern architects doubt that it would be possible for us to build a structure like that today even with all of the technology that we have at our disposal.

One of the more fascinating places to me however is in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru called the Nazca Lines. When viewed in its current state, from the air there are what appear to be large geoglyphs in the shape of various animals or interconnecting straight lines which resemble airport runways. There are various theories as to what these lines mean and who created them but there is no definitive explanation.

What isn’t obvious about them is that they exist in the middle of a large uninhabitable mountain range. They run across several mountains which have had the top of the mountains removed to create a flat surface for the airport-like lines. All of the other mountain tops in the area are untouched and retain the typical pointed peaks that we associate with mountains. There is even one “road” which is over a 1,000 miles long. It runs across mountain tops and ranges which have had their peaks removed to create this very perfectly flat surface. The kick with this area is that even though it is clear that these flat surfaces were created by mountain top removal, there is absolutely no evidence of where the massive amount of rubble from the peak removal went. Despite all of our technological advances, it has been determined that there is no way we could create these surfaces today given their location and the volume of dirt which would need to be removed.

These unexplainable structures, along with an abundance of archeological evidence from mysterious places around the globe, point to a similar race of beings (commonly known as the Annunachi) in text, hieroglyphs and petro glyphs. All of the sites also have indications that these beings will return one day. This evidence comes from various locations and diverse cultures which could not possibly have been aware of and communicating with each other because of the physical distance between them on the planet.

Imagine the planetary wide chaos which will occur the second that we gain concrete evidence that intelligent life-forms exist. We actually already have plenty of evidence to support a belief in intelligent non-human existence on this planet but it’s all covered up and explained away in an effort to prevent this type of chaotic outcome. The fear of our fear as a species drives us farther and farther from the truth. The fear of disrupting our fragile planetary belief system which says that we are the only intelligent species in the Universe is causing our leaders to do a lot of things which are not really in our greatest interest.

Which will it be?

The above information lays out at least four possible scenarios which could occur and result in devastating consequences for the human race. Will any of these happen and if so, what will their effect be? Well that is anyone’s guess and only time will tell. Any of these could occur with any number of possible outcomes and consequences. There are also plenty of other events which could transpire with varying degrees of destructive outcomes. There is no way of telling what will happen when or even at all.

With the above scenarios in mind, let’s step back and relate this information back to the prophecies. At least two of the above scenarios, super volcano eruptions and technology disrupting solar cycles, don’t really fit as likely candidates because they can’t be calculated. (Solar cycles can be calculated but determining the impact that they will have on future technology can’t be.) For unrelated cultures to point to a specific date to bring our attention to indicates that there needs to be either a cyclical event such as the movement of celestial bodies (Nemesis) or a scheduled event (alien return) for them to reference against. Without a predictable or cyclical event then referencing a particular time-frame would have to be pure conjecture. It is difficult to believe that twelve different ancient cultures from across the globe would “randomly” pick the same future date and then go to the effort these have gone to ensure that we were made aware of it. There has to be more to it than that.

It will be what it will be

Ultimately only time will tell what outcome we will experience because the future is not set in stone. We could fall into the depths of our fear and engage in a global nuclear war that wipes us all out. We could get hit by a massive asteroid or our environment could shift back into a planet covering ice age. Or most importantly, we could wake up as a collective species to our full potential where we could co-create a future of possibilities that we can’t even imagine at this point in time.

The bottom line on this is that there is nothing we can do to prevent any of the naturally occurring phenomenon. We also cannot prevent a more evolved species from coming for a visit. Why should we choose to live in the fear of the unpredictable? The crisis that any of the scenarios present could be our evolutionary driver. We can only examine the possibilities that we see while we continue to try and make sense out of the messages that were left for us as to what we might anticipate in the future. We can only do our best by trying to be as awake, aware and alert as possible to what is happening now and the potential which exists for us as a planetary body. The future will take care of itself. The only thing we can control in the meantime is ourselves.

Will you choose to live in fear or to focus on potential?