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The Basics - Step 3 - Bind

The third step of “The Basics” is called “Bind”. This process will help set our personal energetic boundaries.

In the second step of the series, we cleared the energy field surrounding the physical body known as the Aura. Now that we’ve cleared the field, we want to define the edges of it. We also want to ensure that we are getting all the energy that we need from within and not from others at their expense.


When our physical bodies begin manifesting in the uterus, the umbilical cord becomes our feeding tube from our mother. This is where we receive nourishment during our gestation period in the womb. We begin our lives in the physical world by learning to feed off of another. After birth, when the cord has been cut, we move to breast feeding and are dependent upon others to bring us the nourishment that we require to survive and grow. This process is often referred to as “bonding”. This process continues at various stages in our lives until we reach the point where we can become self sufficient and are able to care for our own needs.

The learned behavior of depending upon others to nourish us is deeply set at an unconscious level by the time we reach our late teens and begin our adult lives. Unfortunately in American culture we have lost the ancient rituals and rites of passage into independent adulthood and so these unconscious patterns don’t get broken. In Native American traditions, the ceremonies used to celebrate our transition from childhood to adulthood help us make the energetic shift from dependence to independence. They are physical acts to accomplish an energetic purpose of breaking the bonds to allow for liberation of both parent and child.


In these ceremonies, the energetic fibers which have formed from parent to child are cut and the child is taught to become self-sufficient. We might think of this as cutting the final energetic umbilical cord. As our culture has lost sight of these rituals those connections are not being severed and we have generations growing up who are still energetically feeding off others because of their unconscious patterns. This is detrimental to both parent and child at an energetic level. The parent’s energy is slowly and continuously drained by the child who is energetically (and often physically and emotionally) dependent upon them. This can lead to physical ailments in the parents which eventually get transferred to the child via the energetic feeding tubes and are often explained as being hereditary ailments or dis-ease. (Dis-ease is anything which disrupts our natural and easy energy flow. This is separate from disease which is an actual infection, virus or physical ailment.) The child also suffers in this situation.

It may feel harsh for the parents to cut their children off and that is often why it doesn’t happen. In the long run, the parents are doing a grave disservice to the child. As the child moves away from home and begins forming attachments to others, unconsciously they begin feeding off of them as well. This happens at such a deep energetic level that most of us aren’t even aware of it and certainly not conscious that we are doing it…but still it happens. If we have friends that leave us feeling drained emotionally, physically and mentally whenever we’re around them, we can be sure that this is the underlying energetic cause. These people are often referred to as “energy vampires”.


The energetic attachment we make to others is accomplished by our “fibers”. These fibers are non-physical and become feeding tubes of sort. To get a visual idea of what they look like, imagine them as dozens of small ropes or tubes that extend from our abdominal area and reach out beyond our Aura. The ends of these ropes can have suckers or hooks on them, depending upon the need trying to be fulfilled. Unconsciously we send these fibers into the energy field of others in an attempt to get our energetic needs met. Where then do these “energetic needs” come from?

We are all non-physical energy beings inhabiting physical bodies. We are force coming into form. Our physical bodies need energy to do all of the tasks that they have evolved to do. In every moment our bodies are doing an almost infinite number of tasks and these processes require fuel. Even when we are completely still, our bodies are handling countless numbers of tasks such as digestion, assimilation, elimination, respiration and circulation. At the cellular level, in every moment our bodies are in the process of renewal. As one cell dies another replaces it. In fact, by the end of every seven years, every cell in our bodies has died and been replaced. We literally have a completely different physical body than we did just seven years ago. How’s that for our amazing capacity to change?!

Within each of these physical processes there are three components of the process. Each has an input, an action and an output. For example, in digestion there is the input which is food that is to be digested. Second is the action, in this example it is the physical act of digestion which transforms the food we eat into the nutrients that our body needs to survive and grow. Third is the output of the process, the nutrients derived from the food and the unused waste. This is true for every system in the body. The action part needs energy to function and this energy has to come from somewhere.


Our physical bodies can hold a finite amount of energy. They are physical in nature and while they can expand and contract, ultimately they are limited in size. So let’s say that we have our 100% allocation of energy. This energy comes to us from the environment through our energy system. Now, we have to begin allocating this energy to each of the countless processes going on inside the body…digestion, elimination, fat storage, fat burning, cell creation, circulation, respiration, etc. Each of these involuntary processes needs energy to do their work and so each of them chip away at our total energy allocation.

Then we move into the voluntary systems such as communication and locomotion. All of the physical acts that we do with our bodies require energy to function as well as the fuel to burn. Each of the muscles which comprise our bodies and all of the organs within all of our systems also require energy to do their work. Each of these things takes another portion of our overall energy allocation until eventually it is all divided out into our bodies as needed.


All the energy which is needed by our bodies has to come from somewhere and since it is constantly being used it has to be constantly replaced. Our bodies are major consumers of energy but fortunately our environment provides all the fuel that we need. We get it from the air we breathe, food and water we consume as well as from the Earth. In the first part of this “Basics” series, Grounding, when we connect with the Earth we are also connecting with its energy field to receive more of the energy that we need to survive. In essence, we established our energetic umbilical cord to the Mother Earth and use it draw in the energetic nutrients that we need.

Most of us however don’t access the environmental energy which is freely available to us. Due to all of the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental issues we are dealing with, we don’t feel connected to our bodies and even less connected to Life. Despite that lack of connection, we still need energy to function as described above. To get the energy we need, we use our energetic fibers to acquire this energy and often at others expense. In a perfectly healed and whole state, an individual can obtain all the energy that they need by simply connecting to the environment.


So how can we tell when we’re feeding off others or being fed off of? On the physical level this happens when we’re with someone that “dumps” all their issues on us. They constantly focus on their problems, how bad their life is, their needs and the injustices that they believe they suffer from on a daily basis (victim mentality). If they don’t do that then they disguise this behavior as an unhealthy attachment to someone who they make the center of their world and expect that attention to be returned. “Look at all I do for you” becomes their identifying catch phrase. At some level they try passive-aggressive guilt as a way to get the energy they need. If we see these things being done to us or we find ourselves doing them, having an energetic understanding of what is happening allows us to make the decision to stop the unhealthy process.

Our attention (or focus) is where our awareness is. The physics of what happens is that “Energy follows awareness”. When we give our attention to someone or something, we send some of our energy to them. This is true whether the person is physically present or not. When someone is doing something and trying to get our attention (even with what we label as “negative attention”) this is them throwing their fibers at us trying to get the energy that they believe they need. Often times this can be so draining to us as the “host” that we’ll immediately turn to someone else and complain about the experience in an unconscious attempt to drain energy from them. This can all be avoided by ensuring that our Basics (Ground, Clear, Bind and the next one in this series, Core) are in place and our boundaries are maintained appropriately.


This process sets our energy field so that we aren’t sending our fibers out to someone else and draining them. All the energy that we need comes from within through our connection to the Earth and the world of energy available to us in the environment. As with most things done in the energy field, this is a physical act used to accomplish an energetic purpose.

After grounding and clearing are complete (step 1 & 2 in this 4 part series) then you’re ready to bind. Focus your awareness at your navel and imagine that your fibers extend out from your body at that point. Imagine that they are at least two main ropes (tubes, vines or whatever visual works for you). They can also be seen as a large number of smaller tubes as well. Just notice what visual comes up for you when you put your awareness on this and trust that. There is no need to make it anything other than what works for you. One way is no more or less correct than the other it simply is what is true for you.

Once you have the image of the fibers, physically reach down with your hands and surround your navel with your palms facing each other. Imagine that you are gathering half of them in one hand and half in the other. Pull them out directly in front of and away from your body the way you would if you were going to tie a rope around your midsection. Swing your arms wide and around toward your back where they would meet again. Feel like you insert the cords into your body again right through your spine and they come back out in the front. Now take each half in the front and then tie them together the way you begin tying the laces on your shoes. Just a simple over and under knot (twice, to form a square knot) and then cinch them together as if you were tightening a belt around your waist. 

Visualize and move as if you are forming a circle around your body with the fibers. You are sending an image to your subconscious by doing this visualization and physical action. Take your time with it and really focus on the action as if you actually had two ends of a rope that you were wrapping around your body. The end result of this is that you want to contain your energy field and these grasping fibers so that you rely on energy from within. You made that connection in the grounding process. This process teaches your energy field to use that connection rather than draining others.

Update 7/6/13: Another important thing that this process does is protect you. These fibers are actually connected directly to the "soul" energetic. They are our energy field reaching into the physical world to manifest our bodies to explore this realm. When you tie them together the way I've described above, it causes a protective dome to form around you. This dome will prevent others from throwing their fibers with hooks or suckers into your field. The tie, or as the Deer Tribe calls it "The Master Tie" activates your aura and gives you an extra layer of protection.


As you move through your day, if you find yourself seeking unnecessary attention from others by your actions, stop and repeat this process as if the fibers had become untied (and they will until you change the habit). The basics process is about learning better energetic manners and defining your boundaries rather than relying on others for what you need. At some level it is like the child growing up and leaving home. Becoming an energetic adult requires taking more responsibility for your own actions and becoming self-sufficient. This necessitates moving beyond habitual patterns and making your own way.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Basics - Step 2 - Clear

The second step of “The Basics” is called “Clear”. This process is to help you to make sure that you are the only one occupying your personal energetic space.


This process involves scanning your physical body as well as the energetic area surrounding your body. Imagine that there is an egg-shaped bubble that surrounds your body. This bubble is known as your Aura. This is actually part of your energy field and typically extends approximately two to four feet away from your physical body in every direction. Its shape and size is dependent upon the individual. This field is pure energy and responds to your awareness and intention.

This energy field is invisible to the naked eye but through a process known as Karlian photography we are able to actually make photographs where this field can be seen. In the photographs it looks like a multi-colored cloud of smoke that surrounds the person in the picture. Some areas may be red, orange, yellow, green, blue or violet. You might think of this field as an energetic extension of yourself. Based upon your needs in any moment this field could expand from the size of your body to the size of a stadium or contract to accommodate the needs of your body, mind or spirit. I’m including a sample of what one of these pictures looks like since I can’t find my own unfortunately.


When you ground, the energy that you pull up from the core of the earth, moves through your body and spills out into this energy field and fills it up. If you can imagine what your Aura looks like when you come into close proximity with another person you’ll begin to see where the need to “Clear” comes in. The Auras of the two people mix with each other in sort of an “energy soup” process. When you separate again, each of you could be left with some of the other person’s energy in your Aura as a natural byproduct of that interaction.

If you’ve ever been around someone that you think of as negative or draining, you will notice that after you are away from them you may still feel their negativity. Conversely if you are around some who is spiritually or energetically advanced or very charismatic, you may notice that you still feel excited and happy for a while after they leave. These feelings are partially due to the fact that even after they are no longer near you physically you are still holding on to a part of their energy. It is also partially due to how you allowed them to affect you energetically when they were near. It’s important to remember that they too are still processing a small portion of your energy. Now imagine what shape your energy field is in after a busy day at work or after attending some sort of large gathering especially where the people are packed in so tightly that you can’t move without pushing past someone. Talk about energy soup!

The process of clearing allows you to reclaim your scattered energy as well as release any energy from your field which is not yours. It’s a very good idea to use this technique after emerging from crowds and after dealing with unpleasant people or just anytime that you feel like you just need an energy bath because of your personal interactions with others.


After you have fully grounded yourself, begin this process by calling back your scattered energy. To do this, simply call your name slowly and consciously. I do this at least once for each of the four cardinal directions. This can be out loud or just mentally. Use whatever name you most identify with. This can be nicknames, your birth-name or assumed names. If you aren’t sure what name to use, use them all. Just call each one four times. As you call them imagine that you are calling to someone out in a field and wanting to have them come to you. Feel like you are calling your scattered energy home to yourself. Feel a longing and desire for this energy to come home to you.

Next, mentally scan through your body and Aura and see if you sense energy there which is not yours. This is a very subtle process so trust your intuition. If you think there might be something there, trust that inner knowing and know that you can’t do this wrong. If you detect foreign energy, use your imagination and gather this energy up. You might imagine that you take a butterfly net and scoop it up. You might create a small fan and blow it out of your energy field. You might reach out and pull in a vacuum cleaner hose and suck the energy out of your field. You might even just grab it with your hands and toss it out. Go with whatever visual works for you and allow yourself to be creative with this process. The one thing I recommend you NOT doing however is using any type of violent visual for this process…blowing up, killing, shooting and things like that. Let this be a loving act of release.

As you are clearing your energy field, feel and intend that you are sending this energy back to its owner for them to process. This energy could have come to you through the Aura overlap described above but it could also be there because someone has sent this energy to you because they were angry at you or wished you harm or ill will. It is not important that you determine who’s energy is in your field or why it’s there or why it is in some certain spot on you. Simply gather it up and in some way send it out of your field with the intention that it return to its energetic home. Your energy is for you to process and theirs is for them to process.

Once you believe that the energy has been cleared from your field, call your name again four times and repeat the clearing process for any energy that you feel remains in your Aura that is not yours. What you want to do is feel like you are making more space in your field for you and you only. The more space you can make for that, the more you will begin to feel at peace within your body and feel more complete.


As I mentioned above, some of the energy in your field could be from where someone either consciously or unconsciously directed this energy at you. Most of us have done this from time to time without an awareness of what we were doing. If you have found yourself stewing about someone and in some way wishing them harm or just negative feelings, you’ve sent this energy to them. Remember that eventually this energy will be coming back to you…but it will be increased significantly. Think about when you toss a rock into a small pond. The ripples on the water move out and grow as they move further and further from where the rock hit the water. When these ripples hit the shore they begin bouncing back. Now there are more ripples than just the initial impact and they’re coming back from every direction.

Energy works the same way. You are the rock. Your intention is the rock hitting the water. The ripples are the results of your actions. Now that you have this knowledge you can no longer plead ignorance. Be careful what you send out. If you are wishing harm to others, eventually that harm will come back home to roost with you. However if you are sending out love and compassion, imagine how amazing it will feel when this expanded energy returns to you.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010


From the very earliest stages of our lives we are taught that we are being judged. The older we get, the longer our list of judges seems to become. Our first judges come in the form of our parents. As we gain motor skills our parents have to begin keeping a closer eye on us. To keep us safe during this phase of exploration parents alert us to danger through verbal cues like “NO!” or a smack on the hand. We subconsciously learn during this stage that our actions are being watched. When we move into the verbal communication phase, a shift occurs. As we develop language skills our parents tell us they are watching us and begin teaching us what they believe to be “right” and “wrong”.

There is a very subtle shift between these two phases. The former is about safety and protection while the latter is about judgment and control. Our parents begin to imprint their belief systems on to us at this stage just as their parents did to them. We are taught what our parents, our gender, our family, our society, our country, our culture, our race and religious organizations believe to be acceptable behavior. Each of these comes with their own set of judgments upon our actions and plenty of people willing to judge us, consciously and unconsciously, for those actions.


In early childhood most of us are introduced to our next judge, Santa. We are taught that beyond the visible watchful eyes of our parents there is a magical being who watches us from the North Pole. He knows what we’re doing and knows when we’ve been “good” or “bad”. When Christmas arrives we are given “rewards” if we were good or “switches” if we were bad. The difference depends upon Santa’s judgments of our actions throughout the year. It doesn’t matter that he’s not real, what matters is that we are taught to believe that he is real and that he is watching us every moment.

As we grow into childhood we learn about our next supreme judge, God. We are taught that yet another mythical, magical being is able to remotely observe our actions and behaviors and pass judgment upon us. Interestingly enough, if we behave according to the rules of all the layered entities I mentioned above we are on God’s good side. When we step out of line however we are taught that punishment is on its way in the form of bad things that begin happening in our lives. By this same school of thought, if enough of us are seriously misbehaving then we will receive larger punishments such as accidents, disease and any form of natural disaster. Above all this we are led to believe that this incredibly judgmental super human who is keeping tabs on our every single thought and behavior and will administer the ultimate coup de grĂ¢ce after we die in the form of an eternity in “Heaven” or “Hell”.


With all the judgments being placed upon us at every level from our parents on up the line to God, it should come as no surprise then that we become deeply judgmental of ourselves and project that judgmental attitude out onto others. These judgments then become the filters with which we view the world. We no longer see just the action but rather we judge and label everything as “right” or “wrong”. As long as we hold these self-judgments upon ourselves we can never truly feel the full measure of unconditional love that the Divine has for us. It is not possible to sit in judgment and feel love at the same time.

Ultimately we end up with a world full of people unable to fully love and accept themselves because of their own judgments. If you can’t feel unconditional love yourself, how will you give unconditional love to the world? You cannot give what you do not have. Projecting our judgments out into the world and on to others does not mean “I am right and you are wrong” but rather it says “I have a need to judge”. It is not possible to sit in judgment and feel love at the same time.


The above is actually an example of karma in action. Most people hear the word karma and believe it is the product of a judgment. If I do something good I get “good karma” and if I do something bad I get “bad karma”. Karma is frequently misunderstood and equated to the Hindu version of the Christian view of God’s system of reward and punishment for each of us based upon the summation and judgment of our Earthly sojourn.

In truth the term karma originates in Hindu philosophy but it has nothing to do with judgment. Karma is the term for the process of balancing of energy. It is more closely related to Newtons third law of motion which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Karma is simply the balancing of energy which has been set in motion. In conjunction with the laws of physics, energy naturally seeks to balance itself unconditionally.

When we come to understand the non-judgmental workings of karma we begin to see that whatever is happening TO US now is the consequence of our past actions. In the example above we see that when we teach others to judge themselves and others, ultimately these judgments will come back on us and we will feel judged and rebel against it and proclaim it wrong to judge.


To move into a space of healing when we feel judged we have to own the original cause within ourselves and not blame the other person for judging us. “I feel judged…therefore I must be judging others” is the enlightened approach to balancing our karma. By owning our actions and reactions, which we have full control over, we can learn to stop judging others and ourselves and thereby free ourselves from our own judgment. Our own judgments are really the ONLY ones which have a direct impact on us. Any judgments that I might hold against you, are my judgments and only affect me.

Each of our actions sets energy in motion. Once we acknowledge this for ourselves and are willing to own the consequences of our actions, we learn that by controlling our actions we can begin to create positive outcomes for ourselves. As long as we deny our power to create our own destiny we will remain nothing more than powerless victims in our own self-constructed karmic prisons. This shifts us away from the notion that we must please an angry judgmental God in an effort to win favor with him and it puts the onus directly on each of us. It’s not about being judged at all but rather acknowledging the basic physics of energy. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You get back what you send out.

When we are able to remove the judgmental aspect from the essence of karma, we begin to see how we are moving into alignment with the deepest teachings of every major world religion. Judgment belongs to the realm of the egoic human consciousness and is not a quality associated with true Divinity. Therefore judgments pull us out of alignment with the Divine. Karma is not judgmental or selective but it is exacting because it simply is our own energy balancing itself. It is the process by which your consciousness, or what the Yogis call your Atman, is stabilizing itself in the physical realm.


Karma occurs on many levels. Individually we create our own karmic consequences. When we belong to larger groups (and we all do) we also begin to generate collective karma. The actions that we take as clubs, teams and organizations have a noticeable impact on our lives. The actions that we take as a society, culture, race, religion or nation have a much larger impact on our world. Most importantly the actions that we take as a species have a direct result on our planet and ultimately our existence as a species.

Individually I may believe that my actions have very little impact on what we do as a nation but that doesn’t mean that I get out of the karmic consequences of our nations actions. I may disagree completely with our nation going to war with another country but energetically I will have to accept the impact this action has on our planet and on me. In owning this I will be more motivated to seek more peaceful solutions to each of the challenges I am presented with. When love and peace are what I want to receive, I know that loving and peaceful actions are part of the steps I must take to achieve it. I know that I will never receive love by propagating hate even if I am doing it in the name of God.


It is important to note that while karma is always just and exacting, it is not always evident. For example let’s say that I become angry at something you say to me and I chose to punch you. Odds are that you will then become angry with me and punch me back. That’s instant karma where I can see the immediate consequences of my actions. The smaller the disturbance in energy, the faster the response and the smaller the resulting return impact is.

If I generally tend to be an angry person, people will tend to not want to associate with me because of my attitude. Eventually I will realize that I have no close friends and certainly can’t hold down a loving relationship and so I am all alone. In the depths of my anger I will of course blame it on the fact that “everyone else” is cold and mean because they won’t be my friend. Everyone’s coldness will of course make me angry. With deeper, personal introspection I might finally see that I am the source of my own misery. Accepting that allows me to chose to be friendly rather than angry and in return receive a friendlier welcome from others. Remember, emotions too are just energy in motion. (


When we move up to the karma that we create as a nation for example, the consequences of our actions are often greater but more difficult to associate with the initial action. If we do not have knowledge of our history then it is very easy to place the blame for the unfolding of major karmic events on others. For example, we could look at the events of September 11th, 2000 as “we were unjustly attacked by those opposed to our freedom and our liberties.” This would seem to indicate a belief on our part that we had nothing to do with these “unprovoked attacks”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If we take the time to examine our history, including the secretive and manipulative actions of our government, we see that the events of 9/11 were just another punch in an ongoing conflict with those that we have deemed to be “unlike us”. Our nation and in particular our government are not the keepers of “truth, liberty and justice” for the entire planet the way we like to believe that they are. Our fear-based actions of the past motivated us to destabilize foreign governments, overthrow elected heads of state and generate atrocities of massive proportion all in the pursuit of “freedom”. When viewed from a still larger perspective it was just one more event in an unending battle that has been raging since before recorded history when one person (group or entity) tried to assert power over another. At this scale we can see that we are in essence paying the karmic consequences for the actions and reactions of our ancient ancestors.


At the most subtle level however there is individual lifetime karma. This is part of our individual soul’s karmic destiny. For every action that I generate personally, energetically the results of that action will come back to the source of that action. Imagine that you toss a pebble into a small pool of water. The ripples from the impact of the pebble with the water will radiate out, hit the edge of the pool and reverberate back to the center of the pool. No other pool of water is disturbed by this action.

Now imagine that the above pool was the size of the Pacific Ocean and the pebble grew in direct proportion to the increase in size of the pool. When this pebble is dropped into that ocean, it will take much more time for the waves to reach the shore and make their way back to the site of the impact. They would eventually make it back but it might take so long to happen that I would probably lose the association between the waves at that site and the original impact of the pebble.

This is the case with lifetime karma. Lifetime karma is the result of cumulative actions which I generate which are so constant that I may not experience the consequences of those actions in a single lifetime. To understand the inner-workings of karma at this level, we have to explore the concept of reincarnation. That topic however is far too broad to discuss as part of this posting so I’ll save that for a future posting on that specific topic.


Once you understand that you alone are in complete control of your karmic destiny, you empower yourself to generate desirable results for yourself. In that empowerment you step out of victim mentality and into self actualization. No one can create our actions for us and no one can save us from the consequences of those actions. It has nothing to do with judgment, fairness, reward or punishment but rather it is simple, basic physics in action in the world of energy in which we exist. We are beings of energy at every single level of our existence.

When you begin to understand the workings of karma and move in accordance with it, your life will transform. Despite religious myth to the contrary, no one can be born for me, live for me, suffer for me or die for me. These are all actions which I alone must experience. When I awaken to the fact that my own actions create my own destiny, I can moderate my actions to receive more desirable outcomes. I do not need to judge and blame others, nor depend upon them to save me. Reclaiming that power is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine the positive outcomes that you can achieve for yourself by simply moving from victim mentality to a fully empowered co-creator with the Universe, the Divine, God, Great Spirit.

So what pebbles will you toss into the ocean of existence?