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The Basics - Step 2 - Clear

The second step of “The Basics” is called “Clear”. This process is to help you to make sure that you are the only one occupying your personal energetic space.


This process involves scanning your physical body as well as the energetic area surrounding your body. Imagine that there is an egg-shaped bubble that surrounds your body. This bubble is known as your Aura. This is actually part of your energy field and typically extends approximately two to four feet away from your physical body in every direction. Its shape and size is dependent upon the individual. This field is pure energy and responds to your awareness and intention.

This energy field is invisible to the naked eye but through a process known as Karlian photography we are able to actually make photographs where this field can be seen. In the photographs it looks like a multi-colored cloud of smoke that surrounds the person in the picture. Some areas may be red, orange, yellow, green, blue or violet. You might think of this field as an energetic extension of yourself. Based upon your needs in any moment this field could expand from the size of your body to the size of a stadium or contract to accommodate the needs of your body, mind or spirit. I’m including a sample of what one of these pictures looks like since I can’t find my own unfortunately.


When you ground, the energy that you pull up from the core of the earth, moves through your body and spills out into this energy field and fills it up. If you can imagine what your Aura looks like when you come into close proximity with another person you’ll begin to see where the need to “Clear” comes in. The Auras of the two people mix with each other in sort of an “energy soup” process. When you separate again, each of you could be left with some of the other person’s energy in your Aura as a natural byproduct of that interaction.

If you’ve ever been around someone that you think of as negative or draining, you will notice that after you are away from them you may still feel their negativity. Conversely if you are around some who is spiritually or energetically advanced or very charismatic, you may notice that you still feel excited and happy for a while after they leave. These feelings are partially due to the fact that even after they are no longer near you physically you are still holding on to a part of their energy. It is also partially due to how you allowed them to affect you energetically when they were near. It’s important to remember that they too are still processing a small portion of your energy. Now imagine what shape your energy field is in after a busy day at work or after attending some sort of large gathering especially where the people are packed in so tightly that you can’t move without pushing past someone. Talk about energy soup!

The process of clearing allows you to reclaim your scattered energy as well as release any energy from your field which is not yours. It’s a very good idea to use this technique after emerging from crowds and after dealing with unpleasant people or just anytime that you feel like you just need an energy bath because of your personal interactions with others.


After you have fully grounded yourself, begin this process by calling back your scattered energy. To do this, simply call your name slowly and consciously. I do this at least once for each of the four cardinal directions. This can be out loud or just mentally. Use whatever name you most identify with. This can be nicknames, your birth-name or assumed names. If you aren’t sure what name to use, use them all. Just call each one four times. As you call them imagine that you are calling to someone out in a field and wanting to have them come to you. Feel like you are calling your scattered energy home to yourself. Feel a longing and desire for this energy to come home to you.

Next, mentally scan through your body and Aura and see if you sense energy there which is not yours. This is a very subtle process so trust your intuition. If you think there might be something there, trust that inner knowing and know that you can’t do this wrong. If you detect foreign energy, use your imagination and gather this energy up. You might imagine that you take a butterfly net and scoop it up. You might create a small fan and blow it out of your energy field. You might reach out and pull in a vacuum cleaner hose and suck the energy out of your field. You might even just grab it with your hands and toss it out. Go with whatever visual works for you and allow yourself to be creative with this process. The one thing I recommend you NOT doing however is using any type of violent visual for this process…blowing up, killing, shooting and things like that. Let this be a loving act of release.

As you are clearing your energy field, feel and intend that you are sending this energy back to its owner for them to process. This energy could have come to you through the Aura overlap described above but it could also be there because someone has sent this energy to you because they were angry at you or wished you harm or ill will. It is not important that you determine who’s energy is in your field or why it’s there or why it is in some certain spot on you. Simply gather it up and in some way send it out of your field with the intention that it return to its energetic home. Your energy is for you to process and theirs is for them to process.

Once you believe that the energy has been cleared from your field, call your name again four times and repeat the clearing process for any energy that you feel remains in your Aura that is not yours. What you want to do is feel like you are making more space in your field for you and you only. The more space you can make for that, the more you will begin to feel at peace within your body and feel more complete.


As I mentioned above, some of the energy in your field could be from where someone either consciously or unconsciously directed this energy at you. Most of us have done this from time to time without an awareness of what we were doing. If you have found yourself stewing about someone and in some way wishing them harm or just negative feelings, you’ve sent this energy to them. Remember that eventually this energy will be coming back to you…but it will be increased significantly. Think about when you toss a rock into a small pond. The ripples on the water move out and grow as they move further and further from where the rock hit the water. When these ripples hit the shore they begin bouncing back. Now there are more ripples than just the initial impact and they’re coming back from every direction.

Energy works the same way. You are the rock. Your intention is the rock hitting the water. The ripples are the results of your actions. Now that you have this knowledge you can no longer plead ignorance. Be careful what you send out. If you are wishing harm to others, eventually that harm will come back home to roost with you. However if you are sending out love and compassion, imagine how amazing it will feel when this expanded energy returns to you.

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  1. Auras are something that have fascinated me ever since I read "The Celestine Prophecy" years ago. I can sometimes see others' auras if I focus just right.

    Also, this field around us is what most people consider their "personal space". When someone gets too close with their bad energy, we say they are "in our space". I don't think most folks realize they are really talking about "get your negativity out of my energy field"! This explains why most people (Americans especially) need 3 feet of space around them to feel comfortable. You don't want other people invading your energy field. :-)