Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ready for 2013...

Greetings. Here it is, May 8th and it feels good to be back. I’ve taken the last few months off by virtue of life getting the best of me and while unplanned, it certainly wasn’t uneventful. Thanks to the great state of Washington and its voters that favor marriage equality, on January 27th I was able to legally marry my partner. He and I have been together for over 12 years and being able to get married was an experience that we both grew up expecting to never have. Now that we’ve gotten to go through it however we see why so many people do it. It was an experience that has propelled our relationship forward in so many beautiful ways. It was well worth every bit of the planning, time, effort and money that went into it. The beautiful (and sunny) Hawaiian honeymoon that we had afterwards was icing on an amazing cake for us.

In all of that, entropy took over and I found myself choosing to sleep in rather than getting up at 5:30 to write. I allowed myself to just be lazy and take some time off from writing to recharge my batteries. Over the last couple of months I’ve seen where my procrastination and laziness have been showing up way too much however and so now I have to begin the process of pushing through that and getting things moving in my life again. When I write things like this that I share with others, it becomes motivation for me because I feel that I have to stick to my word and the commitments I make.

It is my desire to continue sharing the information which I have been taught and learned through experience with you in the hopes that something I say can benefit others in some way. If any reader has any question on anything I’ve shared in the past or that I will share, please feel free to email me and I’ll try to clarify. Your question might be the key to me pulling out information which I might have otherwise missed or explaining something in a way that helps someone understand it better. I always welcome your questions, comments and feedback.

As I’ve shared before in this blog, it takes us 22 days to form a new habit. My habit for the last few months has been to be lazy and so there may be struggles ahead as I try to re-engage the blogging process but please stay with me as I go through it. Every experience has the ability to teach us something about ourselves or life and that’s where I draw my inspiration for the information I share. What I’ll ask you in return is that if you benefit from these teachings, please “like” or “share” my postings on Facebook so that your friends will see them and hopefully that will help to grow my readership which will further motivate me to get out of bed and do the writing that brings me so much joy and fulfillment. It’s a beautiful feedback loop where everyone wins.
Thank you for the support and encouragement that you’ve shown me along the way on this journey. Your responses have meant a great deal to me and let me know that others are finding value in the information I share. That has been a big blessing in my life and I thank you for that.

May you always be guided to your highest and greatest good in all that you do.