Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Remember what you ask for

Recently I told you about Mars being retrograde and all I can say now is that it cannot go direct fast enough. This has been such a challenging period for me and while I know that I can’t “blame” it on Mars, one less challenge would be very welcome at this point. The thing I’ve learned about adversity however is that I’m always a better and stronger person for having gone through it. The lesson has always been to retain my composure and inner-knowing that “this too shall pass”.

While it is not my intention to whine about all that has been going on for me, one of the things that happened illustrates an important point energetically and so I want to share it with you. In December I reached a place with this blog where I was going to be putting forth some posts that perhaps the casual blog reader isn’t quite ready for and so I decided to create the pay-per-post blog site to continue the deeper lessons. At that time I was very busy at work and couldn’t find the time to do all the writing I would have liked.

I was getting up at 5am so that I could meditate and clear my head to allow the messages to come through. I’ve never been a big fan of getting up early like that but it was the only free and quiet time I could find to do what I needed to do. So in late December when the holidays were upon us, I remember asking my Spirit to help me find some free time to get things sorted out where I could get the site set up and get some posts on it. “Be careful what you ask for because you will get it.”

In looking back on the last two months, I see that I did in fact get it. Work has been very slow for me and when you have a job where if you’re not working you’re not getting any income, that can be a struggle. Unfortunately bills don’t magically disappear or shrink simply because your income shrank. I could go on and on for quite some time here sharing with you all the things that contributed to a reduced income being problematic for me but I’ll just leave it at that.

Over the years I’ve gotten used to the ups and downs of owning my own business. I’ve learned not to panic when it’s slow but rather to use that time to work on personal issues or things that I haven’t been able to get to during the busy period. It always comes down to trust for me. I have to trust that my Spirit knows when I need rest so that I can recover and face the next wave with ease. Now that I’m doing work that relies so heavily on my Spirit and that trust, my egoic self struggles when things don’t go the way that “I think” they should. It always comes down to trust though. Always.

So during this slow period I did get the new site created and got the initial Basics posts up and ready to roll. Despite things being slow at work, I kept coming back to “trust” and trying to get the rest I needed and tried to complete many of the little outstanding projects that I have in the works. I’ve come up with every possible explanation for why things are still slow however…post holiday sticker shock, the recession, Mars being retrograde, you name it. I also did a lot of introspection trying to see if something in me was energetically keeping work away. It felt like everything was aligned yet still work was very slow.

Finally last week out of desperation I threw up my hands and in a moment of frustration demanded assistance from my Spirit. Seconds later it hit me, I asked for the slow-down so that I could get things done. I had gotten exactly what I asked for. So it’s not enough to say “be careful what you ask for” because it needs further qualification to include “and always remember what you asked for”. Once I had the awareness that I was in fact getting what I had asked for, I knew that I simply had to begin asking for (setting my field of intention) what I wanted now so that the Universe could deliver it…and it is.

The Universe is completely responsive to our desires and requests because we are a part of the Universe. It works much the same way as our bodies. If one tiny part is calling for attention, the whole system responds. For example, if I’m hungry and so my belly desires food, obviously it can’t go out and find it by itself. It simply communicates its desires to the system, the system responds and next thing you know I’m eating something.

This shows the power of the spiritual adage “As above, so below”. People often hear that phrase and assign it a religious meaning of “as in Heaven, so on Earth”. The beautiful thing about metaphors is that they work on many levels at once to illuminate truth at all levels. Another perspective on that adage is to say “What is true for the Universe is true for the individual”. That’s one of the basic laws of mathematics in that what is true for the parts is true for whole and what is true for the whole is true for the parts. As much as our egoic sense of separation tells us that we are autonomous individuals having an experience with manifest reality, the truth is that we are simply part of the experience of the Universe. Everything that we are; the tissue, bones, fluids and consciousness are all here because of the physical manifestation of the Universe. We do not exist apart from the Universe (God, the Divine, Great Mystery, etc.). All that it is, we are too.

This is the information that I want to share with you at a much deeper level and is the direction that paid blog will go. In thinking on how to roll that out however, I realize that it won’t be done in just 5 or 10 entries but rather it will come out over time, even over a couple years if that’s what it takes. Given that, for one person to purchase all of those, it could run in to a larger investment than I believe is necessary on their part. To resolve that I’ve decided to continue with the posting plan as I have it but also add another option of a one-time fee of just 30 dollars. That’s about the same amount that you’d pay for a book and so it seems fair to me.

Right now I have the first series on the paid site (http://shop.healingforevolution.com/) which is the Basics of energy. The four part series gives you the fundamentals for setting your energy system to engage life and energy. I’m going to add the one-time payment option this week. If you chose that option as opposed to individually paying for each lesson, I’ll email the lessons directly to you as soon as I post it on the site. That payment will be good for as long as you want the information coming to you.

My desire and intent with sharing these deeper teachings is that I can help you awaken to all that you already are. I have no desire to change you, judge you or force you into any particular belief system. Rather I want to share what has worked for me along the way that has helped me to awaken to this expanded reality and shift in consciousness. The answers are all around us. We simply need to shift our focus to notice them. That is what I hope to help you discover how to do for yourself.

I look forward to our journey together as well as to the continued sharing of information on this free site. My best to you in all that you do.

Peace is always the answer. Truth is always the way.


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