Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hitting the air waves

I have some exciting news to share. It appears that my friend Mistress Monica (aka Moneek) and I will be on an AM Talk Radio Show tomorrow night (Wednesday, June 24) at 10pm PST. The show is called “Sex once a week”. As the name implies the show is a vehicle for discussing sex and relationship issues. At some point they take calls from the listeners so if any of you happen to be up late and trying to find something to do, give a listen or better yet call in and ask a question. The station is KKNW 1150 AM and goes until midnight. If you can’t make it live then check out the audio on their website once it gets posted. You can also listen to the station via their website at http://www.1150kknw.com/rwn.asp?contentguid=%7b9CA8F409-CDEA-41BC-8112-0B24DD15EDE1%7d. You can also email your questions to them at terisagreenan@comcast.net. The call in phone number is 425-373-5527.

Wish me luck!


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