Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Merging sites

The following information comes from the introduction that I was using for the paid site. I have modified it slightly to post here.


I believe that, as a species, humans are about to undergo an evolutionary leap. I don’t know what the other side of that leap will look like for us but the stage is set for that to occur. Our planet and her inhabitants are under tremendous stress and something has to give somewhere. I believe that this new species which is evolving from within will be called forth because of our current state of crisis. You may recall from an earlier post called Guiding Principles – Part 2 <> that “Crisis precedes transformation”. To help us prepare for that shift in consciousness I have information to share and this is the forum in which I will do that.

In future posts I’ll be sharing information with you in addition to tools and techniques that I’ve learned along the way. I’ll be covering topics which include but is not limited to the following:

 the fundamentals of energy

 tools for consciously working with the human energy system

 working with the three states of consciousness

 meditation

 oracle usage

 learning to work with your intuition or Higher Self

 healing personal issues

 connecting with and manifesting your Essential Self

 new ways to view sacred documents to see a deeper message

The information that I will be sharing is from lectures or classes I’ve attended, books I’ve read, personal experiences, information that was given to me in person by my teachers as well as information channeled through me from my guides and my Essential Self. It will come from a variety of philosophies, cultures and spiritual practices rather than being the dogma from one belief system. I’ve studied many such systems and will share the best of what has worked for me from these systems in a way that is easily accessible to anyone, especially those just beginning to explore their spirituality.

I don’t believe that I posses all of the answers to all of life’s issues and as such I hold no requirement that you believe and accept every shred of information that I share with you. I am simply sharing information that has helped me on my journey which is still very much a work in progress. I invite you to read the information, try the techniques and sit with it to determine if it resonates with your core being. Try the exercises and techniques for yourself rather than just reading them and see how they work for you but give yourself time to really explore them before discarding them. If you feel it’s not right for you then you don’t have to believe it or use it. As with all information that you receive, keep the best and leave the rest.

I have no hidden agendas with this information, no affiliation with any organized religion and no products to sell. I simply want you to have access to information which I believe has helped me on my journey and that can be of use to you. I welcome your feedback, suggestions for topics, comments and questions on any of the information presented. I look forward to our journey together and hope to hear from you along the way. It is my deepest desire that this information will be an inspiration to you and lead you deeper on your personal path to evolutionary healing and transformation.


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