Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pushing through fears

In life, despite outward appearances, there are no setbacks because everything happens for a reason. Anytime that we don’t meet an objective it is always for a reason even if we don’t fully understand the reason at the time. The secret is in knowing when to stop pushing in a direction that isn’t working and instead focus on what is working.

In December I made the decision to start a second blog site for those who were ready for the deeper messages and energy teachings. At the time I did it because I knew I had some information to share that might not sit to well with many of my readers, particularly those locked into a dogmatic religious belief system. I know that much of the information will challenge them to look at their religious, spiritual and personal beliefs and invite them to look at them from a different perspective.

My fear about sharing this information is that because it will challenge belief systems it will also ruffle some feathers. Much of it shook my foundation when I discovered the truth of the deeper history and messages of religion but ultimately all of it positively transformed me. In addition because I was sharing it without any request or commitment on the reader’s part, my fear was that it would be written off. When something challenges our beliefs, the first thing we do is discredit the challenging belief because it doesn’t line up with our current belief therefore it “must be wrong”. We discredit, discard, ignore and move on.

I took the time to set up an online store for these postings so that by paying for the ongoing lessons you were committing to the process. I then embarked on a journey to create postings for that site while at the same time tried to continue to make postings for this free site because of all the wonderful comments and feedback I’ve gotten on these posts. At the time I thought it was something that I could handle. As it turns out, it apparently is not.

Writing the first batch of lessons for that site turned out to be a very different type of writing experience for me. The information that I began sharing there was techniques for grounding and coming into the body more fully. This was information that needed explanation along with it to explain what to do, why you are doing it and what is accomplished by doing it. That process required going into my head and digging out knowledge and then studying that to ensure that I had done a thorough job and explained everything. It is a great way for me to actually get a firm grasp on what I do know and believe by taking the time to write it down to share with you. That’s been one of the main benefits of this whole process for me because really how often do you sit down and write all that you know on a topic?

That process is in contrast to the one that I use for this free site where I sit down, align myself fully with my Essential Self (Higher Self, Inner Divinity, Spirit, etc.) and let the words simply come through. Rather than focusing on knowledge I was focusing on inspiration from the knowledge. It is a process that I really enjoy and have been amazed by what has come out.

These last few months have been really stressful for me personally and professionally for a variety of reasons and I’ve unconsciously chosen to allowed those challenges to create an emotional log-jam for me. I’ve tried to handle all that was going on in my life and keep two blogs going and in the process moved away from writing for either one of them because it was just “one more thing” that I couldn’t handle at the time. Because I had people paying for the new series I felt a professional obligation to focus on those. At the same time, I had others asking why I wasn’t posting as often to the free blog site and sharing how much the information has meant to them and I wanted to keep that going too. Consequently because I haven’t had enough time to do both, it seems I’ve chosen to do neither. Not surprisingly that stressed me out as well.

Sunday my beloved partner sat with me and helped me look at all the things going on in my life to help me clear the emotional blockage. In that process I realized that my fears were what were getting in the way. In fearing that the information I had to share would challenge the beliefs of those I love and that might mean I’d lose that love, I found a work around, the paid blog site. My fear of sharing the information I received which has helped me to see things from a deeper perspective was preventing me from allowing you that have that experience. I was afraid to tell you about things that have helped me awaken and allowed me to work through some of my earlier religious wounds. This process has enabled me to see life, religion and spirituality in a new light of expanded consciousness. In essence I was afraid to do what I intended to do by starting the blog in the first place.

I now see that I need to rectify this situation by simply allowing the information to flow through me and detach myself from any outcome associated with that information. I have to be at peace with it whether you love it, hate it, laugh at it or find yourself transformed by it. My task is simply to share the information and allow you to do with it what you will. With 2012 almost upon us and all of the changes which are already beginning to occur, I just don’t have the luxury of holding back the information any longer.

To that end, I’m going to discontinue posting information to the paid site and instead post that information here on the free site. I am happy to refund any money that anyone has paid for the information previously or apply that to a private session with me. While one part of me is embarrassed by this, another part knows that it is happening for a reason. I may not know what the reason is but I do know that everything happens exactly as it is supposed to and I trust that knowledge. I know my embarrassment will pass just like any other feeling and I’ll be a stronger person for the experience.

My plan then is to pepper in the postings that I already have from the paid site in between the new information for this site. This will hopefully keep something new coming to this site at least once a week. This feels like the right thing for me to do at this point. I don’t expect you to believe everything that I’ll be posting but I do hope that you’ll keep an open heart and mind. My goal with sharing this information is not to discredit organized religion or the Bible but rather help you see the Bible and the story behind all religions in a different but more accessible light.

If you are reading this I want to thank you for continuing to read the information I’ve been sharing. The support and encouragement I’ve gotten along the way has been incredibly uplifting. I always welcome your comments and criticisms here on this blog site (which you can post at the end of any entry) and of course by email. I look forward to our continued journey together and may we both be blessed by the experience in ways that neither of us can image at this point.


  1. Hi Michael,
    I've been kind of a lurker on your blog for a while and not posted any comments, but I just wanted to thank you for your generosity in sharing your experiences, knowledge, and insights.

    With regards to your decision to forgo the paid blog, perhaps it's just the universe telling you that this isn't quite the right medium. You have a valuable repository of experience and knowledge to share, so maybe it's time to write a book?


  2. Thank you David for reading my blog and your very kind words. Most all of the info from this blog site will eventually get folded into a book. Doing it little by little with the pressure of having an audience helps me stay focused on getting the info out. Every time I've tried to start a book I let the anxiety around the size of the task get the best of me and abandon the plan after a chapter. I'm hoping this blog will help me keep going and then give me a volume of info to whittle down into a book. So far it's working...but you may have been able to sense some hesitation of late. This shift is me trying to push through that and get myself back on track. Thank you for your support, encouragment and kind words. They are all VERY much appreciated.

  3. Michael you know how much I respect and love you and really feel your spirit and positive energy flowing through your writings. I just want to encourage you in your efforts and let you know, that even though I may not post each time, I realish your insights and true feelings of power through relationships and our small parts we play in the whole scheme of the universe. You truly are a spiritual light and intellectually sound. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Michael-
    Glad you're finding a way out of the log jam and getting more insights and information to us. Your message is much appreciates.
    - Andy

  5. Thank you both John and Andy. I deeply appreciate you both for your support and encouragment. I'm honored by your words.