Monday, June 21, 2010

Preparing to give birth

I hope you have had time to begin working with the four steps of “The Basics”. The more you work with each of these techniques, the more you’ll see what a difference they can make. They are subtle but incredibly effective. The more you practice them the more you’ll notice when one, or all of them, isn’t in place. The key is to notice the difference in how you feel before doing them and after you’ve taken time with each one to get them set. Make a conscious effort to notice how it feels to have all four active and engaged. As you move through your day if your current feeling doesn’t match that feeling, stop and re-engage what is missing.

I’d like to offer you a few tips on telling which part is off for you. If you feel overloaded or nervous, focus on “ground”. If you are feeling confused, have no reference point or opinion, work with “clear”. If you feel dependent upon others or like you are being controlling, work with “bind”. If you feel clumsy or unstable, work with “core”. These are generalities but will help you move in the direction you need. If you just feel “off” but can’t put words to it, re-engage them all. It only takes a couple of minutes so it’s not that big of a commitment in time, energy or money. Different personality types will be challenged by different steps in the Basics. Everyone will usually find at least one step to be particularly challenging based upon their energetic defense patterns.

It’s easy enough to read over these and think “how could that help? I’m only visualizing things.” Know that as with all things, it’s about trying it rather than just reading it. Take an experimental approach to it if need be. First pick some time bounds, determine the experiment and conduct it within the time constraints and then evaluate the results. For example say “I’m going to try doing these Basics every morning for two weeks” and then do it. At the end of that two weeks (which should be ample time to get very familiar with the process), see if you feel more grounded and centered as you engaged your world. If you like the change, and I’m sure you will, then continue doing it and work on having it become a more robust process that you are aware of constantly. If you feel no change, then stop doing the exercises. The experiment costs you nothing but a couple of minutes a day.


As of the writing of this entry, my life is undergoing major change. I’m about to move my work studio and our apartment into a new home where I can both live and work. All of this needs to happen in the next two weeks and then everything has to get set up. I also have a week of “vacation” planned for mid-July. That along with several other things which require my time, attention and thus my energy are causing me to take a hard look at my life to see where I can free up some energy.

As a result of that examination, I’ve decided that I’m going to be taking some time away from writing this blog so that I can get my life resettled. There is a major birth occurring for me because the stress around things reaching this point has been intense and is still building. I know there are some great lessons in all of this for me and I’ll share those with you when I return.
Since I see this as a birthing, I’m going to allow myself to surrender into the process and then return on, symbolically enough, Labor Day. Big things are in store and I’m very excited about what all this could mean for me, my relationships and also my work. Please check back here after Labor Day and look for some new posts then.

In the meantime, I thank each of you for reading my words and for the beautiful feedback that I’ve gotten from so many of you. I’m deeply touched and honored that you would take time from your life to read what I have to share. My hope and intention is that you benefit from some of it whether you believe it all or not. Please send good thoughts my way and I look forward to continuing our journey together after Labor Day and the birth.

My best to you in all that you do,



  1. Michael:
    I personally will miss your blog, but fully understand and support your new living adventure. I certainly miss seeing you and really look forward to your delightful and inspiring blogs. Hugs to you my friend and do keep in touch! Blessings!

  2. Enjoy the experience of change. It's both challenging and exhilarating. I eagerly await your return.
    - Andy