Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kicking off 2011

Greetings dear readers. I hope that 2011 is treating each of you well and bringing you more and more opportunities to evolve and grow. As you may have noticed things have gone quiet here for the last couple of months. Much of that is because of my own personal growth and some general laziness on my part.

I enjoy the process of writing and doing it really helps me to understand and view the information I have in a new way. The best way to figure out what you believe is to teach it. Since I chose to keep this blog free however it really has to take a lower priority in my life. Over the last few months I’ve been working to develop a new area of my professional practice and that has really taken the bulk of my focus. Remember that birthing process I spoke of in June, well it’s all related. ( I’m almost done with the setup that I need for it but not quite yet so things may still be a little slow here for a while especially based upon what is in my immediate future.

Tomorrow morning my beloved and I will leave for 10 glorious days of sun, fun, rest and relaxation in beautiful Puerto Rico. Neither of us has ever been there and needless to say we are both very excited about it. When we return, after a couple days of rest I’ll begin a two-week shamanic ceremony that will really shake things up for me. I had hoped to write a couple of postings on some topics related to the ceremony (shamanism, armoring, energetic defense patterns and Sacred Ceremony) before I told you about it but since we leave for Puerto Rico in the morning, obviously that won’t happen.

The ceremony is called Shamanic Dearmoring and information on it can be found here. The thing with shamanic ceremonies is that once you commit to them, you go into ceremonial space then and the energy of the ceremony starts working on you. I signed up for this at the end of November and can truly attest to the truth of what I just shared with you. This ceremony, along with a smaller ceremony that I experienced as part of the energy class that I’m in, has really shaken my foundation. December was a very challenging month for me because of these two events and the general holiday drama which comes along with it. At times it felt like my whole reality was about to crumble and that seems to only be intensifying as the date of the physical ceremony draws nearer.

I am fortunate that I’ve been able to watch two friends who have gone through this process and I’ve seen the beautiful and powerful changes it has made in their lives. It is my hope that I’ll be able to share my experience with you not just after I’ve gone through it but as I’m going through it. I’m not making any promises but believe that creating the blog entries will be a lot like journaling and can help me make sense of the experience for myself. Only time will tell on that.

Needless to say the next 4 weeks are going to be intense and exciting for me. I’d like to ask that if thoughts of me (or this blog) pop into your head, especially between 2/6 – 2/20, that you send me good thoughts and love and know that it will be returned in kind. I know the laws of physics will take care of that because we always get back whatever energy we send out. The thing with going into a transformative ceremony like this is that I know I’ll be different, not better or worse, but just different because I am choosing to consciously engage change through the process. As with all things in life, I welcome change because even though it’s scary, growth and evolution require change to keep them going. We can’t grow and evolve without changing. It’s just not possible. The nature of our reality is change so any struggle against that is simply resistance and as such is a waste of energy.

Thanks for not giving up on me or this blog. Your comments are always welcome and your support and encouragement is always appreciated. May the Universe always nurture and support you in all that you do and may you always find true peace and love from within.


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