Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Yesterday I really put the pressure on myself with this blog. I sent a mass email out to my client base and told them about it. As scary as that was, knowing that I have an audience for this blog will motivate me to write and that’s what I’ve wanted. For quite some time now I’ve “intended” to do more writing but resisted out of the fear of not being a good enough writer, or having anything of value to say, or having typos, grammar errors…and on and on. One of the main things I tell my clients when I work with them, especially before their first session, is to push into their fears and the fears will dissolve. This is me taking my own advice and doing just that.

Yes, I’m sure that some things I say in here might be “junior league” spirituality for some who read it but it might be just the right message to move someone else deeper on their spiritual path. I’m sure that I’ll even use poor grammar at times and undoubtedly use too many commas and apostrophes because I do that all the time but I can’t let those little fears stand in my way any longer. I have to allow whatever comes out to come out and not be concerned with how it might be perceived. I have to focus on the inner guidance that has gotten me where I am today and that has motivated me to do this writing and realize that all those fears are connected to my ego and not my true essence.

I typically send a mass email out to my client base about once a quarter and I love when I do that. I have met so many wonderful men from doing the work and when I send those emails out, I always get so many beautiful emails back from them. It always lifts my spirits so very much to hear from them because they are always so kind and supportive to me. I feel truly blessed to have that relationship with them and I love when they share with me how something I said or that we did has had a positive impact on their lives.

From 1984 until 1999 I was a computer programmer and systems analyst. I was blessed at that time with a big pile of incentive stock that vested due to a corporate buyout and so I left that career so that I could pursue something where I could help people on a personal level. At the time I had no idea what that would be but I knew it was something that I had to do and with the turn of events that was going on it seemed that the Universe was encouraging me in that direction. Looking back on it now and reading the messages from my clients, I see that that is exactly what has happened.

The day that I was ready to turn in my notice (and terrified at the prospect of having no job), I received an email with the thought of the day that said “Leap and a net will appear”. For whatever reason that seemed to be just the right piece of advice for me and so I leapt and nets are still appearing. When I get emails from my clients telling me how the work has made a difference for them, I know I made the right choice. I’ve said many times that if this work can help even just one person say that it helped them in any way then it has all been worth it. At this point I’ve lost count of how many have said that so I know without a doubt that my leap of faith was meant to be. I feel so very blessed by their support and their stories.

So please bear with me as this process unfolds for me. Excuse me when I type “you” instead of “your”. Listen for the message rather than focusing on the words. I’ll try and extend that same courtesy to myself. I look forward to seeing what nets will appear from this leap.

Next leap: friends and family.

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  1. Hello Michael! I'm glad you started your blog, at long last. And I hope you know that a blog isn't about how well you write, and at times it's not even about what you say, but is more about sharing your thoughts and experiences. I certainly hope people who follow you here aren't spel chekc fantatigs! ;)

    Really, it's all about your journey, and exposing that to people who are interested in sharing in it, and both learning and contributing out of it.

    So journey on, let your heart out, and thanks for sharing with us!