Monday, April 20, 2009

Limiting beliefs

Science tells us that in Nature, when a species becomes very successful and begins to overpopulate, members of that species begin to express themselves sexually with members of their own sex. We all, animals and humans alike, need touch, love and companionship and in this way due to the decreased need for reproduction, same-sex pairings become more predominant.
This is what we see happening with our own species yet because we cling to our old way of thinking and follow teachings written during a different time, we persecute members of our species for doing what is perfectly normal in nature. We hold to the patterns passed on to us from generations before whose successful breeding was necessary to get us to this point as a species and we miss the evolutionary shift that our species is undergoing. We turn our back on nature because it is not in alignment with our archaic belief system.

The time has come to reevaluate our beliefs and that can be very challenging for most of us because change is scary. Many hold the belief that the patterns which brought us here are the only ones that work and to change them is to disobey God. They do not leave room for the evolutionary movements of our species and the nature of nature to transform. Our history is replete with information about our evolutionary journey from pre-historic caveman to becoming the most successful and destructive species on the planet yet many want to deny our ability to, capacity for and history of change.

Religions which have created documents to guide their members and keep a record of the history of the religion confuse these historical documents created by man as “facts from God” and persecute those who do not follow their belief system. They see everyone not following their belief system as separate from them and they attack them. These attacks come in many forms from social pressures to full-scale war. That indignant sense of separation is what is behind every war on our planet. These wars can never bring us the peace that ultimately we all seek. They continue the cycle of violence and destruction, destroy lives and families, wreak havoc on our planet and feel justified “in the name of God.”

Imagine what this planet would look like if every dollar spent on perpetuating war were spent instead on research into disease, space exploration or technology to benefit our species. With a species as intelligent, creative and powerful as ours, there is no limit to what we could do if we could simply focus our energies toward these positive ends rather than toward destruction. Instead, we focus on our fears and we attempt to destroy anyone or anything which we believe is not one of us. This practice cannot continue without disastrous results but this change is not possible without a radical shift in our perspective and a willingness to change.

By examining our history as a species however it is easy to see that change can be challenging for us especially when we are dealing with deeply embedded belief systems. When the belief system we are dealing with is one which challenges our belief in the workings of the Higher Power, violent, even deadly, responses are often the norm. There seems to be an overriding philosophy that if you don’t believe the way I do, the best thing I can do is kill you. Despite the basic principle behind every world religion which teaches us to love one another we continue to kill in God’s name. This must stop before it’s too late. We must learn that as the most prolific, powerful and successful species on the planet, we are capable of so much more and we must be willing to explore the depths of our power for good rather than directing it toward destruction.

In looking at where we are currently headed, we need to project out towards a successful end-point and understand what that might look like. The easiest example for Americans to see is the Iraq war. The only outcome which we currently believe will define success is one in which we eliminate all of the “terrorists” (meaning those who don’t believe what we do) and we have control of the land and its people. To have this control, they must believe the way we do and become “like us”. In this domination power structure however for every person that we kill, we activate hatred in their family because we killed someone they love. How is it possible then for this to end in the desired outcome of peace? Or is peace really the outcome that our leaders really sought when they chose war?

We may get the fighting to stop in some area by destroying all of the weapons or warriors but we can never stop the hatred which will result from that. We have to find a new way through. This newness can only come from a desire for change and a movement towards peace, harmony and ultimately oneness. We must be willing to drop all the things which divide and separate us and focus on what unites us. Life itself is that single thread which unites us all. With this thread we must weave a tapestry of peace and love which holds our awareness of oneness.

By focusing on that which unites us and directing our energies toward living in harmony we will begin to see radical shifts around the planet. As we learn to live with our differences, rather than sitting in judgment of them, we become more loving and accepting. More is achieved through cooperation than can ever be gained in competition. When we learn to live in oneness as a species and then as members of one planetary body then we will be able to move forward, consciously, on our evolutionary journey into wholeness.

Just imagine what we could accomplish if we all could work together rather than fighting about our differences.


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