Thursday, April 23, 2009

New super power

I love my job. I really, really do. The longer I do this work the more I learn about myself, about the male body, energy, sexuality and humanity. The more I surrender into the will of my spirit and follow its guidance, the more things change for me. I’ve certainly began to understand my psychic abilities more through continued use and I’m grateful for that. There are also abilities that I never knew I had that have awakened within me and I’m still trying to learn more about them. The main one that I discovered about a two years ago is the ability to energetically transmit inner orgasms to the person I’m working with.

Around that time frame is when a client told me about the Aneros. The Aneros is a prostate stimulator that the manufactures say can help men become multi-orgasmic and even can achieve the “Super O” (as they call it). The tool itself is incredibly simple in its design but the technique certainly takes quite a bit of practice…but it’s worth it. The thing that most men don’t understand when they hear the term multi-orgasmic is that it doesn’t mean multiple ejaculations. Ejaculation and orgasm are not the same thing. For men, they typically seem to be because they have always occurred at the same time. We’re never taught much about our orgasms because we learn about it as kids and usually have too much shame around our sexuality to ask questions and get guidance. As young boys we discover how good it feels to play with our cocks and away we go.

After spending time with the Aneros and learning how to have these inner orgasms for myself, I wanted other guys to experience that pleasure so I added information on it to my website on the resources page. Several of my clients bought one for themselves but most told me that it felt good but they weren’t really seeing results and certainly not the “Super O”. One client asked me if I could help him learn how to use it and I did. Eventually after enough guys had asked for that, I created a session which I offer to guys to help them learn to use it and to become multi-orgasmic.

I learned a lot about the male orgasm through these experiences. I also had to learn to describe the technique for achieving them, what they felt like and what to do to increase them in a way to help guys learn to have them because these orgasms are not achieved through cock stimulation alone. These happen through internal muscle control and prostate stimulation so it’s not something I can do to my clients externally to make it happen. I have to be able to talk them through what they need to do inside. In doing that I would find that I was doing the same thing internally so that I could help describe what they needed to do.

One day while working with a client on this process, I noticed that when I did the muscle and energy movement inside myself, he would respond with a little shiver or shudder, even when he wasn’t doing anything himself. At first it was subtle and I wasn’t really sure I had done anything or it was just a random, fluke occurrence. But the more I noticed in repeated sessions that these tremors were occurring in them from things I was doing in me, the more I began to learn how to do it more easily. Occasionally during a session I would do this and sometimes I’d get responses in them and sometimes not.

One day I was working with a guy and I had been manually stimulating his prostate quiet a bit and doing this technique and he really began having lots of little body shudders. When I stopped stimulating his prostate and just did the energy movements, he continued to have the shudders and they became a bit more intense. This went on for about 10 minutes. In that time I had pulled back enough from him that I was only in contact with the backs of his legs and he was still moaning and groaning in orgasmic pleasure. Eventually I was able to actually go and sit in a chair about 5 feet away and enjoy watching him continue to writhe in pleasure. All I had to do was stay focused on him and do this technique and away he’d go. This went on for 45 minutes. I had him roll over on to his back and started the technique again. I was able to watch him wiggle, squirm and moan in inner orgasmic pleasure for another 50 minutes while I sat in a chair and watched in amazement.

Naturally I began trying this with many clients and it was met with varying levels of success. I was doing work with my Tantra teacher at the time and told him about this. He had been multi-orgasmic for years and so he responded to the technique very easily. In trying variations on what I was doing, he was able to describe the changes in what he was experiencing inside. When I did one thing it would send warmth up his spine, another it would send shivers into his prostate and another would trigger orgasmic pulses. Eventually I invited the 50-minute-orgasm client back to see if it was a fluke occurrence and was delighted to see that it was even easier for me to do with him this time. I knew I was on to something.

The catch was that it didn’t seem to happen with every one every time. I’ve interviewed him to try and learn why it would happen so easily for him and not others. In talking with other clients where I tried the technique with and without success, one of the main factors I discovered was how long it had been since ejaculation, theirs and mine. I also discovered that it took several sessions with guys before I could get it to happen. Bear in mind here by “get it to happen” I mean I could see their bodies shudder from the pulses, they were not all experiencing 50 minutes worth of orgasmic bliss. There still seems to be some experimenting and research on my part for me to understand what conditions need to exist for me to get it to happen consistently.

So far I’ve just bumbled and stumbled with it trying to figure out how to control this ability (which my partner refers to as “The Orgasmatron”) but haven’t exactly found all of the parameters necessary. I think to do that I’d need a controlled study with many guys who met certain criteria so I could determine what factors are essential and which are incidental. I’m sure it would be a fun experiment but so far I haven’t really had the time to explore it at that level. Perhaps after writing this I might chose to focus on it a bit more.

The main point here is that I believe we all have gifts which are dormant or subtly active and that go unnoticed. It’s not until the timing is right that we awaken to these abilities. Everything happens at just the right time and in its right sequence. I liken it to building a house. You have to build the foundation and structure first before you build the roof. We have to notice the small things, open ourselves to change and embrace our power. When we are living in the flow of life rather than living in fear and fighting against it, I believe our true power begins to unfold. We discover things about ourselves that we never dreamt possible. That inspires others to do the same and that process continues and evolves way beyond the one who discovered it. Look at what all we’re doing with electricity. It’s way beyond what Benjamin Franklin could have ever imagined when he discovered how to harness that power.

I know that this is certainly not a gift that I would have ever been aware of having unless I had surrendered into doing the work I’m doing. This ability only emerged for me after a series of events where I simply followed the energy that presented itself to me. I certainly didn’t know it was something I could do the day I decided to start doing this work. If I had let my judgments or fears get in the way of me doing this work, I most certainly would never have developed this ability. I believe that’s true with the psychic abilities that we all have. We’re never taught how to recognize and utilize them or we relegate them to the “whackos” and deny they exist. I also believe that the time has come for these gifts to fully manifest within all of us but it will require a shift in our consciousness for them to awaken.

That shift is just around the corner and is connected to the year 2012. I’ll be posting more on that in the coming days. Stay with me.


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